Monday, May 21, 2018

About AEF

ASEAN Economic Forum (AEF) is an initiative to be the leading platform for leaders and influencers in governments, businesses and societies to convene and find solutions to the biggest issues that face ASEAN and the world today and the future. It aspires to generate greater awareness about ASEAN and facilitate regional integration within Southeast Asia. Together with all stakeholders, it aims to foster a stronger bond and understanding especially among the people of Southeast Asia towards a more prosperous and united ASEAN.

This would be done through an integrated concept of high-level forums and meetings, research networks, task forces and digital collaboration. AEF would also formulate and implement intellectual discourse initiatives including focus research groups, publications and editorials, and digital content creation. This would provide a holistic platform for the exchange of ideas among stakeholders in the region to formulate strategies and solutions, uniquely in the spirit of ASEAN.

Our Strategic Priorities

Raising ASEAN Awareness

To increase awareness of ASEAN’s massive economic growth potential at the local, national, regional and global levels. We intend to bring forward leaders from different industries ranging from academics, political leaders, non-profit heads, business experts and community leaders, to give a holistic view of ASEAN, its opportunities and how to act upon it. We also aim to engage the youth through innovative platforms in promoting social dialogues, and people-to-people exchanges – to share the collective dreams and aspirations of ASEAN.

Innovating and Cultivating Regional Solutions

To be the leading regional institution in formulating innovative policies and solutions to issues faced by governments, businesses and societies in ASEAN. Through the gathering of the best and brightest minds that Southeast Asia has to offer whilst utilising and employing the latest advancements in technology, we aim to provide the knowledge and resources to further elevate ASEAN’s role as a global economic powerhouse and change maker.

Bridging the Socio-Economic Gap in Southeast Asia

We recognise the potential and importance of empowering communities to be a real force of positive socioeconomic change. Hence, it is our objective to bring together all relevant stakeholders in Southeast Asia to bridge the gap and develop more cohesive and integrated communities across the region. With the cooperation of governments and institutions in Southeast Asia and beyond, we can provide the necessary tools needed to formulate policies while getting citizens to work together towards a common goal and agenda in ASEAN.

Advocating and Representing for Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is our family, our community, and our home. We hope to bring great development, prosperity and success to the region in advocating the best policies, strategies and solutions that are best aligned with our national and regional objectives in ASEAN. In playing a major role to achieve the ASEAN Economic Community’s aspiration of regional economic integration, we want to create the right environment to produce positive outcomes that benefit the people of ASEAN in various contexts including economic, financial markets, entrepreneurship, regulation and taxation, education and training, labour market, and cross-sector collaborations.

Creating and Nurturing ASEAN’s Social Capital Network

Creating and nurturing a strategic regional network of leaders and experts is crucial towards capacity building and socio-economic development in Southeast Asia. We aim to bring the creators, innovators, thinkers and doers together to not only build and bridge social capital, but also collectively contribute in transforming ASEAN into a global hub for innovation, investments and opportunities.